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Adventure Travel

Adventure travel is my favourite kind of travel.

It often involves getting off the beaten path and escaping the main tourist destinations for a more in-depth cultural experience.

As much as possible I look for this kind of adventure and in 20+ years of travelling around the world, there have been many adventures.

This is a compilation of some of the best adventure guides I have written, along with the best adventure stories.

This will make it easier for you to navigate to what you want to explore.

At the end of the adventure stories articles, there is often some advice on how to do the journey yourself, although they are not complete guides to the region.

There will be plenty more added as the journey continues.

Links are included in each adventure to the main guide/story article associated with it.

Adventure Travel Guides

The Afghanistan Wakhan Valley and Pamir Mountains

adventure travel

The Afghanistan Wakhan Valley and Pamir Mountains is the most unique adventure I have ever had.

It’s where only maybe a hundred tourists a year go to visit, and so remote you are truly off the beaten path.

This is my complete guide to travel there.

The Pamir Highway in Tajikistan

adventure travel

The Pamir Highway in Tajikistan is the second highest motorway in the world and an epic road trip and adventure.

It also connects with the Afghanistan Wakhan Valley adventure as it’s part of how to get there.

I have crossed it many times in both directions and this is my guide on how you can do it yourself.

Oman Travel Guide

adventure travel Oman

Oman is the jewel in Middle East travel. It’s got everything you could want for adventure.

Remote untouched deserts with bedouin people, ancient forts, hikes in barren mountains, a coastline you can have all to yourself, and so much more.

I spent six weeks in Oman and travelled almost everywhere there.

This is my guide to the region.

Ethiopia Travel Guide

adventure travel

Ethiopia can easily be called one of the best countries for adventure in the world.

There’s a desolate desert depression with active volcanoes to climb, unique tribes, ancient historic castles, monasteries perched on high cliff tops, and loads more.

With two months in the country, I have written a lot about Ethiopia and covered so much of what to do there for an adventure.

Safaris in East Africa

safaris East Africa

East Africa has so many great adventures to go on, and a safari into the African bush and savannah is truly one of the greatest.

After having done over 30 safaris in the region this is my ultimate guide to planning a safari in East Africa for an epic wildlife adventure.

Ultimate Guide to Safaris in East Africa

Adventure Stories

The Baliem Valley in West Papua With Remote Tribes

adventure travel

This is not a guide for the area but a story of an epic adventure in the remote West Papuan Highlands. One of the best adventures I’ve had.

The article: The Baliem Valley in West Papua

The Gobi Desert in Mongolia

adventure travel

Traveling to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia is a journey into nothingness.

This is an account of what it’s like from a week travelling there, along with how to go about organising a trip there yourself at the end.

A Road Trip in Sikkim High in The Indian Himalaya During Winter

adventure travel

In Sikkim I headed by 4wd in the middle of winter high into the mountains to one of the last shangri-las in the world.

My favourite Indian adventure and favourite experience in the mountains outside of Afghanistan.

The Kelabit Highlands in Borneo

adventure travel

The Kelabit Highlands is in the very remote central highlands of Borneo on the Malaysian side.

Jungle trekking with tribes in the middle of nowhere.

The Danakil Depression in Ethiopia

adventure travel

The Danakil Depression is one of the lowest places on earth, completely barren, and with active volcanoes.

This was a journey into one of the most inhospitable places on earth.

The Omo Valley Tribes in Ethiopia

adventure travel

The Omo Valley is in the south west part of Ethiopia and this was one of the best tribal adventures I had.

Hitch-hiking into the region was just the beginning as soon enough I was staying with the tribes in the middle of nowhere, and it cost me hardly anything.

This is not just a story of adventure, but how you can visit yourself at not much cost.

adventure travel guides

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