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Musandam Peninsula in Oman (Adventure in Oman’s Epic Arabian Fjords)

The Musandam Peninsula sticks into the Persian Gulf at the most northerly point of Oman, and makes an excellent getaway from Dubai.

It has been described as the “Norway of Arabia” with its Musandam Fjords.

Dubai is mentioned here for visiting from as Musandam is a good place to go for the weekend, or a very long day trip from there.

The Musandam Peninsula

It’s a popular place to visit to see dolphins from a traditional Arabian dhow boat in the fjords, camp by a wildfire on the beach, go kayaking, and visit remote villages with their own traditions.

Cruising on the dhow boat and spotting dolphins is the best part!

Driving from Dubai it takes around 3 hours to reach Khasab, from where you can take the dhow boats into the fjords.

If you want to makes things easy you can book a day tour from Dubai to visit the Musandam Peninsula by dhow boat.

Dhow boat cruise.
Spotting dolphins.
Getting close to dolphins from a kayak.
In the Musandam Fjords.

The traditional dhow boats used are generally of a small design but good for a day trip. However if you want to really treat yourself there is a stunning boat called Rubba designed by a local man based on a traditional dhow boat design.

It’s huge and very luxurious. You can even take it out for multiple nights with it’s comfortable cabins to sleep in.

Relax and take it easy. Go fishing. Cruise around the fjords. The boat is run by Musandam Sea Adventures.

The Rubba.

If you don’t want to rush back to Dubai then consider camping overnight on a beach with your friends/family. You can have some tasty barbecued fish while enjoying the peace of being around the fjords.

Camping on beach.

The main reason to go to the Musandam Peninsula is the adventures on the water, but you can also do a mountain safari inland for a few hours to the Peninsulas highest peak and spot old sea fossils.

Jebel al Harim, the peninsulas highest peak.

Back in Khasab itself which is the main town and place to stay on the Musandam Peninsula there isn’t much to do, but Khasab Castle is good to go and see.

Khasab castle.

You can also go to some remote villages accessible only by boat and learn more about the seafaring culture of the region.

The most northernly village in Oman is here called Kumzar and is a good one to see.

Traditional boat decoration.
Children fishing in Kumzar.

But aside from the adventure and cultural activities that you can do another great reason to be in Musandam is the friendly local people.

They have an interesting culture and are very welcoming.

Local wedding ceremony.

Getting to The Musandam Peninsula

From Dubai:

If you are living in Dubai, or on holiday there, Musandam makes an awarding trip for part of your adventure in the region.

Visiting the Musandam Peninsula is in fact easiest done from Dubai.

One good option is to take a day tour from Dubai on a traditional dhow boat.

Where to Stay

If you’re coming from Dubai you can do it on a weekend getaway for example, as well as many other places in Oman.

Maybe you want to treat yourself to somewhere nice to stay in some luxury hotels in Oman, including Musandam.

Go and visit the Musandam Peninsula and its Fjords

Further reading:

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Useful Links for the Musandam Peninsula:

Book places to stay in Khasab and the Musandam Peninsula here.

Best guidebook for the Musandam Peninsula and Oman.

I recommend using SafetyWing Travel Insurance for your trip, just in case, it’s best to be prepared.

I personally used Musandam Sea Adventures for my trips there and can highly recommend them. They are very professional, decently priced, and the staff are so friendly to deal with.

You can book a dhow boat cruise and other activities with them at their website here – Musandam Sea Adventures.

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41 thoughts on “Musandam Peninsula in Oman (Adventure in Oman’s Epic Arabian Fjords)”

  1. same day agra tour by train

    Valuable information. These are important tips that we should all keep in mind. I will try to create travel blog. Thanks sharing this idea.

  2. I went to some wadis near Oman once (although I think I was still in the UAE – this was many years ago!) and we spent the whole day throwing ourselves of ledges into the water. It’s an adventure I’ll always remember!

  3. Hi Jonny, nice share. I really enjoyed reading this article.

    To see the best of the fjords, I was landed in the water. There are many boat charters around the town (Khasab) and my hotel was stuff helped me find the best boat for the ride. The boats used are traditional Omani fishing boats (dhows).

    The boat will take you around the bays of Khasab, whilst be surrounded by tall fjords on all sides. It’s other-worldly – but maybe that’s just for someone like me, who hasn’t seen a fjord before.

    Beautiful place. Would consider checking Fjords again – definitely.

  4. Had a quick look at your blog and love it already. Have subscribed. Looks like you’ve spent time in many of the places listed in this post.

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  6. There are just so many beautiful islands. Unfortunately we don’t all have unlimited vacation time or budgets to see them all! A cruise is a great way to see at least a few of them on your trip.

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