I want my readers to get the best information out there about adventures around the world, so I put a list together of some of the best adventure blogs to follow.

Whenever I get an email from a reader asking advice about somewhere I haven’t been, I direct them in the direction of blogs that have the knowledge needed for that area. In that respect I want to make sure you all get the best information out there.

For example I don’t know much about bicycle touring but know plenty of others who do.

I follow many blogs online. Some I am friends with, others I have networked with, and others I have followed for a long time and trust their opinion. So instead of doing a list based on hard data I am going to give you my own personal recommendations for adventure blogs I think you should follow.

There is a good mix of different adventure styles in all of them – some are more about hiking into remote wilderness and getting out into the great outdoors, others are about visiting offbeat places, and ones that cover many topics together.

I find that many “top bloggers to follow” lists cover just the big names in the blogosphere, but I have found that some of the best adventures can be found on the less known or new blogs.

I personally enjoy reading their adventures a lot!

Now even adventure bloggers are not constantly on an adventure (we need to chill out sometimes) so you will find the occasional posts that are certainly not that adventurous, but dig into their sites and you will find some epic stuff.

Another reason I love some of these blogs is the personalities behind them.

If you’re interested in adventure then check out my recommendations for 10 of the best off the beaten track destinations.



1 – Alastair Humphreys

This guy goes beyond blogging. He is a proper adventurer heading out on expeditions – cycling around the world, rowing the Atlantic, walking across India, and more. But he also keeps it real for the regular adventurer with his “micro adventures”.

Follow him for some really great inspiration.



2 – Red Bull

Ok this isn’t a personal blog by a long shot but with so many adventures being shown it is a must for the those interested in often what can be extreme adventure.



3 – REI Blog

The biggest outdoor retailer in the United States has an excellent blog on all things with outdoor adventure.



4 – Adventure Junkies

These bloggers have morphed from a blog into more of a general information site, but the regular posts they keep putting up are very useful for all kinds of adventures. Hiking, cycling, scuba diving, they have it covered.

They have done a lot of travelling and most of it revolving around being in the outdoors. It’s their passion.



5 – Nomadasaurus

I met the couple behind Nomadasuarus in Kyrgyzstan this year. I have followed them since they started blogging and they have had some very offbeat adventures.



6 – Uncharted Backpacker

A perfect example of real offbeat adventure. This guy often goes to places hardly ever visited by other travellers such as Papua and Pakistan.

This is the kind of blog that I love to follow and it puts to shame some of the so-called “adventure” blogs out there. True adventure.



7 – Lost With Purpose

These 2 are relatively new on the blogging scene but already have some great adventures under their belt. They love less visited places (we were in Afghanistan around the same time in 2016) and at the moment are generally sticking to the Central Asia / Pakistan / India region.

They have a great style of storytelling and give great in-depth guides to the regions they go to. Their Afghanistan guide is the most up to date and best around.



8 – MundoPorTerra

This lovely Brazilian couple made a mobile home out of a Land Rover and have been driving it for over 2 years now from Brazil. They shipped it across the Pacific from the U.S.A.

They have a paraglider with them in the car getting some epic overhead photos of places, and they also have a kayak attached to the outside of their home. The man is an ex professional sky diver to boot.

I travelled to Afghanistan with them in their mobile home for 16 days and had one of the best adventures ever. Their website is in Portuguese but they have a Google translate option.

They now have a baby in tow for their 2019 adventures!



9 – The Broke Backpacker

An expert on Pakistan travel he has also had many adventures all over the globe. It’s hard to keep track of exactly what he’s up to but it will always be something fun and adventurous.

He has loads of good stories and great advice for the budget adventurer.



10 – Dirtbag Darling

Everything adventure! From interviews with fellow adventurers, personal journals, gear reviews, it has everything you want for outdoor adventure. Really inspiring stuff.

Johnie’s tagline for her site is – “Defenders of fun”.

Hell yeah! 🙂



adventure blogs 2019


11 – Idle Theory Bus

This couple are awesome. They are definitely not “expedition adventurers” but adventurers of another kind. They left their jobs behind and made their home in a 1976 VW van and have been driving and working around the U.S.A. since, following their philosophy of making life easier and escaping into nature.

It’s this minimal lifestyle and road tripping the U.S.A. for years now that makes them so great to follow.



12 – Goats on the Road

Another couple travelling for a long time now. They’re adventures have ranged from offbeat places to more relaxing on islands kind of thing. Catch them when they are adventuring and be prepared for fun!

They also share a lot of good advice for the traveller teaching them (like me) how to live a life of sustainable travel..



13 – Mind of a Hitchhiker

The ultimate hitchhiker? See for yourself on her blog as she hitches around the word getting into adventure after adventure. A very down to earth blog.



14 – Just A Colorado Girl

Adventure, travel, and the outdoors is her tagline and sums her blog up. She is an expert backpacker, skier, etc and always outside having adventures.



15 – True Nomads

This guy has your scuba diving adventures covered as he travels the world in search of the best dive sites.

As he says “My job is to show the world and what its like to explore under the waves, the last true untouched frontier”.



16 – The Planet D

These two have been at it for ages! On the move seeing new places always. They will take you everywhere. This is a well established blog and is still going great.



17 – Expert Vagabond

Non-stop adventure at this popular blog. Often heading into remote regions (he was also in the Afghanistan Wakhan last year) you will find some fun journeys such as hitch-hiking across the U.S.A.



18 – Wild Junket

Nellie has been on the adventurous path for a long time now and even with having a baby is still out exploring everywhere. Author of the Adventure Travellers Handbook.



19 – Bear Foot Theory

Useful tips for outdoor skills and travel. As Kristen says – ” Bearfoot Theory is the one-stop outdoor adventure travel blog for everyday explorers looking to go to awesome and easily-accessible outdoor destinations”.



20 – Young Adventuress 

An often hilarious at times blog by Liz. She tells it like it is without any bullshit. An expert on New Zealand she always seems to be outdoors somewhere having an adventure, making her great fun to follow.

I’ve been following her journey from when I first started blogging myself.


Bonus Adventure Blog –


21 – Backpackingman


Ok, I had to put my own website on here. Screw modesty 😉

One of the best adventures I ever had was hiking in the mountains of Afghanistan.

There are so many awesome adventurers out there to follow, this is just a short list of some of them.

I hope you find your own adventure in 2019!

And I hope some of these blogs will help inspire you. Do you recommend other adventure blogs? Let me know in the comments.

If you’re planning some adventures then check out my post on what to pack for adventure.


Jonny Duncan is a travel blogger and freelance photographer. He specialises in adventure and budget travel with over 20 years of experience. He started blogging in 2013 to give advice for other travellers. He has lived in Japan, Amsterdam, Kiev, and more.

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