Backpackingman is about adventure travel.


If you are interested in promoting a destination or product that is related to adventure travel then I can help you with this.

I specialise in the adventure niche as a traveller who has been travelling around the world since 1997. My readers on my website and social media  follow for adventure and trust my expert opinion and advice on places. I will always leave an honest review of what I think. They appreciate that and I would never betray that trust.

So if you would like to reach that niche audience of adventure enthusiasts with something you believe fits with the theme of Backpackingman, then then this can be achieved through targeted social media promotion and website articles.

You can hire me for photography assignments for your destination, event, or product. My main work has been showing the cultures in the world through portrait and scenic photography, often in offbeat places.

Get in touch and let me know how we can work together.

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Monthly website users – 14000

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Ages –    25-34   46%      18-24   23%

Gender –  Female  63%   Male  37%

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