Ok, Sri Lanka is fucking awesome!

Now that simple statement is out of the way I’ll run through some of the reasons I loved my time there.

I was thinking to put together a guide to the places I went to or do a more in-depth article, but to be honest there has been enough written about that already on other blogs.

Maybe down the line I’ll get to doing something like that, but for now I just want to explain why you really need to consider going to Sri Lanka for your next holiday/travels.

First of all is the size of the place, it’s not that huge which makes getting around to see lot’s not so difficult. Sure if you wanted to cross the whole island from south to north it would take around 10-12 hours if heading through the centre due to hills and traffic, but you wouldn’t do that in one go anyway.

So if you were thinking of somewhere for a 2 week break it’s a great place to see due to being able to get around to so much.

For the budget traveller it’s the perfect destination in terms of money. It’s seriously cheap to travel in Sri Lanka! I did 8 hours of bus travel for around $3, for example.

The food is cheap and tasty as well. Grab yourself a delicious fish curry and rice for only $2-3. Being an island the seafood is awesome. Simple snacks like spicy egg roll samosas are to die for and 30 cents each.

There are plenty of ruined historical cities to see, where locals still go to today to worship at some of the temples. Hidden rock caves with Buddhist paintings from 2000 years ago filled with Buddhist statues. And many, many more.

Yeah if you like historical stuff Sri Lanka has you covered.

One of my favourite things in the country was riding around on the trains. They are old and generally go slow enough to comfortably hang out the side of the door and enjoy the scenery.

Speaking of scenery you have everything from the Central Highlands with it’s tea plantations and mountains, to chilled out beaches.

I’m not much of a beach person and spent most of my time inland, but the few days I had by the beach it was beautiful enough.

Some of the mountains are holy and can see lots of pilgrims coming to climb to the top. It’s great fun joining in the masses to get to the top for the sunrise.

Have fun riding the trains.

Beautiful nature.

Rice and curry plate.

There are plenty of wildlife parks as well filled with elephants and other animals. The nature is so stunning that it’s worth going on these safaris just for that.

For the action junkie there is white water rafting (if it’s the right season) and plenty of trekking in the mountains.

Sri Lanka has been known as the island of the elephant.

Join the pilgrims at the hold mountain of Sri Pada.

I spent several months travelling through India and Sri Lanka is like a compact, cleaner and politer, version of India. For the most part the people are really friendly and there’s minimal hassle.

All I can really say is that I just spent a month going around a lot of the country, seeing and experiencing many different things, and it’s easily one of the best countries I’ve ever travelled in.

There are plenty of cheap flights into Sri Lanka these days from S.E.Asia and the Middle East (especially Dubai) that you for sure can get there easily enough.

Go and explore Sri Lanka!


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