Street art wherever it is found gives a vibrance to the area. Discovering street art wherever I am is one of my passions. Maybe it’s the old art student part of me! From large wall murals to the more simple but equally as interesting smaller pieces. I try to find them all.

This post is part of a continuing series collecting street art from around the world. I will be sharing 10 new street art pieces per article. If you have any good images you would like to show send them to me by email at:  explaining where they are located.

In this article all the photos were taken by me.

Street Art From Around The World

This first one is from the chilled out city of Georgetown on the islands of Penang in Malaysia. It’s a brilliant example of how the smaller street art can be very effective. This is actually one of my personal favourites I have discovered on my travels.


I’m in Kiev at the time of doing this post and the city has some of the best wall murals. I did an entire post dedicated to the street art in the city, yet I keep on finding new ones as I walk around. This one I stumbled upon hidden away inside a university complex, away from the street.


Bender!!!!! Hell yeah, love this one from Lisbon in Portugal. Who doesn’t love bender from Futurama animation show… The fact there are some storm troopers from Star Wars in the background is fun as well. The photo was taken at night, hence the slightly strange colour.


Another example of simplicity. Set in an arty neighbourhood of Krakow in Poland. Happily came across this one after leaving a local coffee house, where interestingly enough I was doing another article about street art.


More beautiful simplicity set in the ruin bar area of Budapest.


With a bicycle in the foreground it sort of gives away the location of the next one. Yep it’s in the Netherlands in the port city of Rotterdam near a street famous for it’s nightlife.


Yet another large wall mural from Kiev. Some of the murals there seem to be hidden away from street view. Had to go through an alleyway to see this one.


Little Lucy! In Berlin you can find these in a few different areas. This one is in the centre around Mitte.


Ok, for those who know about London street art there needs to be no introduction to this next one as it’s well know. Located in the street art area of Brick Lane, also known for its awesome curries.


The last one is a cropped version of the featured image at the start which can be found down by the docks in Reykjavik, Iceland. I love the beauty in it. It’s cropped for ease of sharing it on Pinterest. In fact I have a developing board on Pinterest just about street art around the world. Not just what I found, but also pinned from others. You can see that board and follow it here (or follow all of my travel and art related boards).

But if you went through this post I guess you like street art, so I would recommend to check out some of my other street art articles in the related posts below.

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