Rotterdam is one of the most experimental cities in Europe, with cutting edge modern architecture and a futuristic vision, or at least that’s what I was told before visiting.

It doesn’t seem to get much love from tourists going to the Netherlands, as they all rightfully flock to Amsterdam with it’s old canals etc. Poor Rotterdam got bombed in WW2 by the Germans, and most of its architectural history was wiped out.

Rotterdam is known for testing new architectural designs, where many concepts are put into practice. There are reports as of the time of writing this that they may be trying out plastic roads in the near future.

It seemed to me that the city is a place with a futuristic vision, but still has a way to go. It will be very interesting to see how some of the things they try work out. A floating city for the future would be cool, with the Netherlands being a low lying country, and they are experimenting with that.

Rotterdam’s port is also one of the biggest in the world and would have been fascinating to look around, but I ran out of time. I’m sure if you go there then it would make a visit more interesting.

There is a decent amount of street sculptures and art to keep you busy as well, and I  loved the cube houses the most, as they are a very cool concept.

A Walk Around Rotterdam

Contemporary art sculpture next to bridge in the centre.


The funnels in the ground here play on Rotterdam’s nautical heritage.





People live in these cube houses in the photos below. It’s great when you see architecture like this in a city, as it makes what would normally just be a simple housing area into something interesting to look at.

I really wanted to see what they are like from the inside.




The old New York Hotel sticks out among all the modern buildings.


Sculptures in Rotterdam

You can see lots of art sculptures in the museum park, and on the walk to get there from the Central Station.








There’s also some cool street art around, especially around the hip neighbourhood of Witte de Withstraat.





Cute street art proposal.



And if you can’t be bothered walking then you could always rent a bike for the day!


If you do go there (or have been) and make it on a tour to the port, then I would be very interested to hear how that was. Let me know in the comments.

This is a great list of some great hostels in Rotterdam to stay at when you are there.

There is a very modern market hall that I walked past but stupidly didn’t take a photo, my mind must have been somewhere else. Anyway it was cool, and you can see what it looks like at their website here.

Is there some architecture I missed?

Would you have anything else to add to this?



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