Hi! I’m Jonny, a guy who left home 20+ years ago to travel the world on a budget and am still going. These days I tend to stay a lot longer in places to really explore the culture of a destination.  I started Backpackingman in 2013 as a blog to inspire and give advice to other travellers.

I’m a self confessed Japan addict, and have spent a lot of time writing an in-depth guide to the country after spending several months travelling there.

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How To Spend A Day In Doha – Things To Do In Qatar

 Things to do in Doha in One Day If you have a day in Doha then chances are you may be on a layover/stopover with Qatar Airways. If you are wondering what things to do in Doha for a day or 2 then this advice will give you an idea.Qatar Airways most likely will have...

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10 Off The Beaten Path Adventures To Have (Updated 2019)

Off the beaten path adventures are the dream of the intrepid traveller. After over 20 years of exploring the world I have had many. When you make the effort to get away from the tourist crowds you can find some very rewarding travel opportunities. Some adventures are...

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