Yes!!!!! I can’t contain my excitement. It’s been over 2 years since I was last in Japan for 40 days and have been dreaming of going back.

Japan is one of my favourite countries, and Tokyo one of my favourite cities.

Well after finding a very cheap flight from Amsterdam to Tokyo I couldn’t resist and arrived in the city around 3 hours ago after a rather tiring journey (read previous post). I have managed to walk about Ueno Park and wander the streets of Shibuya easily from my previous memory and having the benefits of travelling with a small and light backpack making it easier (future post about what to pack when travelling coming up).

I’m now recharging with a coffee at the famous Shibuya crossing and getting through the initial awesome culture shock.

I always feel like I’m landing on a different planet when coming to Tokyo.

After this coffee I will make my way to see my friend who I am staying with near Shibuya.

tokyo shibuya crossing

Shibuya crossing right now.

This was all very unplanned (the best trips always are) and I’m now going to figure it out as I go along. But my general thoughts are to go from Tokyo in a few days as far north as I can and travel down the whole length of the country, hitch-hiking on the roads, hiking in the mountains, eating non-stop and going nuts in the cities.

And show you everything as I go.

Sometimes blogging you tell older stories and give advice, but when I first started backpackingman almost 3 years ago it was to blog in relative real time. The problem is when I find a place I like and stay a few months you run out of things to say about it and so write or do photo posts about older adventures.

But now everything will be in mostly real time. I’m going to try and get posts out within a few days of what I saw and did, and there is so much to see and do in Japan.

My most popular post is about how Japan is cheaper to travel than you may think. I remember writing it on a train station platform in the south of Japan. That’s what I’m going to try and do more now. I will include some simple posts like this one in the mix just to keep you updated with everything.

Also follow along on Instagram for loads of images.

So I hope you will enjoy the future trip that will go on. I have no idea how long for. It could be a few weeks to maybe 3 months. Either way it’s going to be awesome. This is one of the most fascinating places in the world.

I can’t wait to show you all the food for one thing! Speaking of which I have to try and find my favourite sushi place in Shibuya… nom nom nom 🙂


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