So the famous hashtag from the Philippines goes #itsmorefuninthephilippines, a tourist initiative by the Philippines government a few years ago.

I spent almost a month in the Philippines  and to be honest kind of get a little lazy with blogging at that point in time, partially because I was away from reliable internet a lot. As such I only I did one post about the country.

I always felt that I should have given more stories and information after leaving there.

Well just a few days ago I met a girl who’s from the Philippines in my hostel in Krakow, and got talking about the country.

She was telling me some things she loved and didn’t about the Philippines.

We sort of joked around that as I didn’t write so much I should do an article about the country.

She also mentioned that the Philippines is the most social media active country in the world. Say what? Got a bloggers mind going that did! We love social shares.  #bloggersloveshares hahaha.

Philippines RuckEnRoll!!! Yeah!!!

Sorry to my Filipino friends, but I was informed tongue in cheek that that’s a famous way of saying rock-n-roll in some part of your country. Couldn’t help myself. Is it true? Comments are there for a reason 😉


Right anyway to the whole point –

Is it more fun in the Philippines?


Wow! This is such a subjective point, because what are you going to compare it with to say it’s more fun?

And it will be a very personal choice depending what you like to do.

I will just stick to countries in East and South-East Asia for comparisons as this is where most travellers will be when deciding whether to visit.

To give you an idea I’ve spent 10 months travelling around various parts of Indonesia, and am a bit of an expert on finding remote beautiful beaches there.

I’ve been to Singapore around 15 times, Thailand around 6 months, Malaysia 3 months, Cambodia a month, China 2 months, Hong Kong 1 month, Japan 40 days.

Yeah I know that part of the world pretty good.


Let’s start with the capital Manila. Sorry Philippines you lose out big on this one.  To be fair I may not have given the place much of a chance, but the little time I spent there made me want to get the fuck out pretty fast.

Most travellers I’ve met don’t enjoy Manila, and it doesn’t stand up to most other capital cities around there, except maybe Jakarta.

But hey maybe in the future that will change. There’s still hope Manilians. Is that what you call yourself? (comments).

But you don’t go to the Philippines for the cities, the same if you were visiting Indonesia. So we can let you off the hook for that one.

One of the fun things about Manila however, and in fact all of the country are the fun transport vehicles called jeepneys. Very colourful and fun to bomb it around in.



Beaches and nature in the Philippines 🙂


What you go to the Philippines for is those postcard perfect white sand beaches, and beautiful rolling vistas.

Yeah this is when it does start being #morefuninthephilippines.

When you find the right places to go away from the main tourist resorts like Boracay, then it becomes paradise on earth.

It can be a little tricky to get to those places, and I only barely scratched the surface of all the more remote regions, but is so worth it.

Some amazing snorkelling/diving as well on some of the best reefs in the world. Apo Reef is very remote and difficult to get to but is in the top 3 snorkelling places I’ve been anywhere in the world. I’ve been travelling the world for 18 years and that’s a big statement to make.

I really want to get back there again someday and explore more, especially the eastern coast and Mindanao region. Maybe some of you that live there can give me some good pointers? Mention in the comments please.

The only other country that competes for beaches is the more remote parts of Indonesia. Yeah even Thailand’s famous beaches don’t touch on the best of the Philippines.

Philippines you ruckenroll the beaches!

Then there are the beautiful vistas.

Chocolate Hills of Bohol.

Chocolate Hills of Bohol.

Rock islands of Palawan Island.

Chocolate Hills of Bohol (no you can’t eat them)!

Rice terraces.

Some of the best sunsets in Asia.

Yeah the Philippines is a seriously beautiful place.

Off course there are many beautiful areas in that part of Asia, but parts of the Philippines happily compete well with the best.


My least favourite part of the Philippines.

The food.

Yes it’s as simple as that. Sorry Philippines 🙁

Don’t forget I’m trying to compare against the whole region and the country just doesn’t cut it against the Thai, Indonesian, Japanese etc cuisine. It can be rather bland.

I’m a big foodie, as most travellers are, and it’s a big part of the travel experience. Please start using more spices!


What’s one of the best parts of the Philippines?

You know I’ve said this so many fucking times, seriously so many, that if the people are a bunch of shits where you visit then it kills the entire atmosphere.

Well the Filipinos are some of the friendliest around. Yey!!!!

Love you all 🙂

Naturally you’ll get some assholes like anywhere in the world, but from my own experience this was rare.

Most are really helpful. They are very passionate about life. And that shows.


A problem and non problem.

The big problem for the Philippines as a place to visit is that it’s off the main South-East Asia travellers trail.

It just sits out there by itself, and many travellers don’t make the detour to visit. However with so many budget airlines flying around that part of the world these days, it’s a lot easier to get there.

You’ll get the package holiday hordes at places like famous Boracay, but not so many travellers.

Personally I can’t stand Boracay as it’s too overrun with people.

But with less travellers going there it sort of preserves the vibe in the more less visited places. It’s not overrun like Thailand etc.

However I would highly suggest to go there, but to explore more out of the way regions.

That’s the biggest annoyance for myself about my time there was that I didn’t get to a lot of more remote places that I wanted to.

A good excuse for a return visit!


Yes I will be back to the Philippines someday.

I will give Manila another chance.

I won’t give Boracay another chance.

I will get away to remote places.

To the friendly, helpful people of the Philippines.


Yeah it is fun there, but just as much as many other countries.

So no it isn’t more fun, but should definitely be on your lists of countries to visit in the region. It’s awesome!

It’s more like the #philippinesruckenrolls





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