I just had one of the best adventures I’ve ever had in 19 years of travelling.

I”ve dreamed of going to Afghanistan for a long time but there was always some kind of setback preventing me from getting there.

Now I finally have.

The adventure was so great that I will either have to do multiple blog posts or write a short ebook about it. I’ve never written an ebook so that kinda sounds fun. What do you think?

Anyway I just wanted to put a quick post up as I was away from the internet for almost 3 weeks (that also felt great) to let you know what’s going on. I am in Kyrgyzstan trying to decide where to go to next and wherever that is I will have an awesome Afghanistan story to share with you in the future.

I also have been over the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan for the 3rd time now (part of how I got to the Afghan border) and have loads to share from that as well.

People who follow me on social media get updated with photos and news like this so if you want to get all the latest and greatest (yeah I know haha) then be sure to follow me there (check the Facebook follow box on my website at the bottom or side).

In the meantime this is just a small teaser of some of the things in Afghanistan. I felt like I did when I first started travelling 19 years ago, a super feeling of excitement!


Trying out an Afghan commanders motorbike.

kyrgyz in the little pamir afghanistan

With a remote Kyrgyz community in the Little Pamir.

I travelled to Afghanistan with a really cool Brazilian couple in their motorhome before going 9 days hiking into the remote mountain region of the Little Pamir. It was such a fun experience.

hiking in little pamir afghanistan

Roy and Michelle Brazil couple.

travel in afghanistan wakhan valley

The motorhome and my tent outside being woken by curious children.

But the best thing of all was all the people we met. Ignore misconceptions, Afghans are very friendly and welcoming 🙂

afghanistan eshkashim visit safe

Friendly Afghans.

hiking in little pair afghanistan

Beautiful remote Afghanistan.


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