If you’re looking at booking flights and need to find the best deals available, then these websites below are the best ones you should be using to find the cheapest and most convenient fares.

The trick is never to look at just one website as sometimes you will find cheaper fares on another one.

I use these websites below when searching for cheap flights. I can easily spend time searching for lots of random destinations as you can find super cheap deals to certain places.

Heading to Canada from Europe? Instead of just searching for the obvious Toronto check around other cities on the east coast. I found a much cheaper flight before from London to Halifax instead of Toronto, and the money saved could be used to see a new city as well as eventually getting to Toronto by internal transport.

That’s just one example. Obviously if you’re short on time then you would probably want to go direct to where you are going.

Best Websites For Booking Flights


So search through all these websites and choose the cheapest deal you can find. It’s nice to pay just a little bit extra (as little as $5 sometimes) to get a flight with less layover time if it doesn’t cost much more.

For example 33 hours from Kiev to Tokyo on Aeroflot with a stopover in Moscow, or for 7 euros more a 14 hour flight. That particular flight mentioned will obviously have changed by the time this has been posted.

The great thing with Google Flights now is that you can search from continent to continent. So if you are not sure exactly where to fly into then you can find the cheapest fare to a particular city in the area you are going (Europe for example) and then check cheap flights within that area once there.

It can work out cheaper than a direct flight to where you were possibly thinking of going, or be a good excuse to check out another region en-route.

These websites search through many online booking sites to find you the cheapest fare.

So anyway these are the main sites I use:




Google Flights

Another Tip

Believe it or not but you can still sometimes find cheaper flights through travel agents on the street.

When I was booking a flight from Tajikistan to Iran I found the flight offered in the travel agent to be around $100 cheaper than anything I found online.

This is the exception to the general rule that booking online is the best. But if you find yourself on less travelled routes then checking out a local travel agent never hurts!



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