How To Travel Scandinavia Cheaply

Camping in Jotunheimen National Park

It’s no secret that travel in Scandinavia can be expensive, so I am going to tell you how back in 2008 I managed to spend several weeks travelling through Norway, Sweden, and Finland on an average of $15 a day. Considering that a beer in Oslo can cost $15 you may think I am a little nuts, but this is a post for those who want to see...

What It Is Like Living In The Arctic


This is a companion piece to my recent article about my thoughts on spending time in the Arctic. I wrote that post on my feelings as a visitor, but having spend time with friends there, I wanted to get their perspective on what it’s like actually living in the Arctic. They all live in the town of Longyearbyen in the Svalbard Archipelago...

Thoughts On Spending Time In The Arctic

Polar bear sign Longyearbyen

What was supposed to be a short trip of only a few days to the Arctic, turned into me spending over 2 weeks there. I initially went to spend time with a couch-surfer, and do the usual winter touristy stuff, such as dog sledding and ice-caving. But after meeting some more local people, I was invited to stay at one of their houses with them. This...