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The Japan Adventure Begins

Yes!!!!! I can’t contain my excitement. It’s been over 2 years since I was last in Japan for 40 days and have been dreaming of going back. Japan is one of my favourite countries, and Tokyo one of my favourite cities. Well after finding a very cheap flight... read more

Moscow Airport Stopover – The Terminal Hell

Moscow Airport Stopover – Feeling Like Tom Hanks In The Terminal Movie! I try and avoid long stopovers with a passion, unless you get a hotel included with the flight like with Qatar Airways in Doha. Or at least have a really good airport such as Dubai and... read more

Brick Lane Street Art In London – 50 Images

London is known worldwide for it’s street art scene, with Brick Lane and Shoreditch area in particular being a popular spot for it. It was over a year ago I was last in the area (January 2015) and have been back again just recently (April 2016). Some of the... read more

London Graffiti Tunnel – Waterloo Street Art

London has some amazing street art, and one area you should definitely check out is a tunnel underneath Waterloo Station in the centre. Street artists go down there to practice their art and skateboarders and others hang around chilling out. The street running through... read more

50 Of The Best Travel Quotes To Inspire You – In Pictures

Everyone needs a bit of inspiration every now and then, so I’ve put together a collection of some of my personal favourite travel quotes that should get the mind wandering. But instead of just having them written down, I have put them onto photographs from my... read more

10 Of The Cheapest Countries You Can Travel To

Travelling to cheap countries is practically a religion for budget travellers, especially if you don’t have much cash and need to stretch it as far as you can. So I figured it would be good to give the uninitiated some helpful hints at some of the cheapest... read more


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