Welcome To The Seafood Paradise Of Essaouira


Essaouira in Morocco is one of the most atmospheric seaside cities you could visit. The salty Atlantic breezes wash over the harbour bringing a cool freshness to the warmth of the Moroccan sun. Essaouira is the perfect seaside escape in Morocco. It’s an old place with fortified walls surrounding the medina (city) which bustles with life in...

Impressions From A First Time Visit To Marrakech

Chef in Marrakech

A visit to Marrakech sounds exotic doesn’t it? Images of dusty lanes with market traders, interspersed with snake charmers and all kinds of tasty foods could spring to mind. And it is all of that, but with a twist. Whats the twist? Well I will get to that in a minute. Upon arriving in the old medina (city) you will be greeted on the main...

Travel Stories From Inside Iran

Iran family

Visiting Iran is not the first place one would think of to spend their travels, and with all the bad press the country gets it would not be surprising. But ignore their government and politics, and you will find some of the most friendly people you could ever wish to meet. I decided to get in touch with several backpackers who had been to Iran...