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Off The Beaten Path In Japan At Rishiri And Ruben Islands

Imagine a place far away from mainstream Japan. Two small remote islands in the most northern part of the country where a relaxed pace of life and lack of foreign tourists awaits. Small fishing villages, friendly people, a hot spring bath surrounded by cherry blossom... read more

25 Images From Japan’s Most Northern Cities

Japan’s Most Northern Cities In Hokkaido 1.Sapporo A relaxed city considering it’s size as the 5th biggest city in Japan. 2. Otaru A small seaside city with some great seafood. 3. Wakkanai The most northern city in Japan with a big fishing industry. PIN IT... read more

Beer And Food Paradise In Sapporo – Japan

The city of Sapporo in Hokkaido is famous for its Sapporo Beer (it’s my favourite Japanese Beer) and also the mutton grills. Drinking there is a blast and munching down on some good food the perfect compliment. One of the best places to combine the 2 is the... read more

Cherry Blossom Season In Sapporo – Japan

Cherry blossom (sakura) season is one of the best times to visit Japan, with the colourful trees painting a beautiful landscape across the cities and countryside. Friends, families, colleagues join together for a “hanami”, which is a picnic under the... read more

Eating Ramen In Tokyo

I have a confession to make –  I’m a ramen addict. Yeah it’s a hard infliction eating away at delicious noodles drenched in different types of broth and covered with pork, chicken, vegetables. But eating ramen in Tokyo, or Japan for that matter can... read more


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